Plukgroente familie funSnacker® Cucumber

Grow your own cucumbers with Snacker Cucumber. Fresh, firm cucumbers which you can use in a tasty salad, but which are also great as a snack. And have you ever tried them hot? They are delicious stewed, braised or stir-fried with some herbs and spices. Cucumber plants grow quickly. That does mean that they need some support. Place the plant in a roomy pot, insert a stake into the soil next to the plant’s stem and tie the plant to it. You will be harvesting your own cucumbers in no time. You should pick them when they are about 10 cm long, and within few days you will see new ones growing again. This means that you can enjoy your Snacker frequently and for a long time.

And if the plant gets too big, you can put it outside on your balcony or patio at temperatures of 18 degrees Celsius or higher.